TP Series Grader

The TP Series Dura-Grader is the only full size tow behind grader on the market. Designed to let anyone grade roads, parking lots, driveways, trails, and anything else without the need for a tractor or any other piece of heavy machinery. The TP Series easily hooks up to your vehicle with a 2” ball hitch and the 12-volt heavy duty actuator allows for quick adjustments and transporting with the touch of a button. Reclaiming compacted gravel and smoothing roadways is now as easy as towing a trailer.


3” tube steel design: The rugged ¼” thick tube steel design will give you years of dependable service and requires almost no maintenance.

Heavy duty electric actuator: The powerful, water resistant, self-enclosed actuator will give you long hours for trouble free use.

Remote Control: The TP Series comes with a long cabled remote control that allows you to operate the grader from the comfort of your driver’s seat.

High carbon cutting edges: Every Dura-Grader is equipped with the same cutting edges that are found on commercial motor graders.

Straight blade design: The straight blade design allows you to pull the grader without having the grader pull to one side of the road.

Reversible skid shoes: The TP Series comes with 1 ¾” thick solid steel skid shoes that easily bolt on. Simply rotate the skid shoes to extend their life.

Greasable Axle: The heavy duty axle is equipped with grease zerks for easy greasing.

Recommended towing vehicles: Most light duty trucks, full size trucks and SUV’s

TP Series Dura-GraderWeight (lbs.)Rec. H.P.Width (in.)Height (in.)Length (in.)Blade Width (ft.)
TP-60880 lbs.N/A93 in.30 in.138 in.5ft.
TP-721,015 lbs.N/A105 in.30 in.138 in.6ft.
TP-841,175 lbs.N/A117 in.30 in.138 in.7ft.

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