CA Series Dura-Grader

The CA Series Dura-Grader is the perfect tractor grader your commercial grading needs. From 5’ to 12’, the CA Series Dura-Grader gives you the ability to adjust the blade angle for maintaining roads and parking lots, reshaping levees, prepping job sites, and any other area that requires a smooth even graded surface, the CA Series Grader is designed to give you the results you want. Our patent pending technology gives you the ability to quickly change the blade angle of your grader to adapt to any job. Choose one of the five blade configurations on this grader attachment to maintain the crown in your road, remove high spots, fill low spots, cut smooth edges, transfer material, or groom already graded surfaces.

The CA Series Dura-Grader allows you to work smarter and faster while achieving professional results. This grader attachment fits all Cat. 2 or 3 three point hitches.


2 bolt blade adjustment: Changing the blade angle to meet your need is as easy as removing two bolts. Simply slide the blade holders to the desired angle and reinsert the bolts. It takes only seconds to change your blade angle.

4” rugged tube steel design: The rugged ¼” thick tube steel design will give you years of dependable service and requires almost no maintenance.

Hydraulic top link control: Gives you the ability to control the pitch of the grader and the amount of down force all from the seat of your tractor.

High carbon cutting edges: Every Dura-Grader is equipped with the same cutting edges that are found on commercial motor graders.

Reversible skid shoes: The CA Series comes with 1 ¾” thick solid steel skid shoes that easily bolt on. Simply flip the skid shoes to extend their life.

Quick hitch compatible: Comes with two pre-punched holes for the top link pin, giving you the versatility of hitching to any category 2 or 3 tractor with a quick hitch.

Recommended towing vehicles: Compact tractors, utility tractors, and tractors (min. 50 horse power)

CA Series Dura-GraderWeight (lbs.)Rec. H.P.Width (in.)Height (in.)Length (in.)Blade Width (ft.)
CA-72960 lbs.50 HP.80 in.40 in.60 in.6ft.
CA-841,160 lbs.60 HP.92 in.40 in.60 in.7ft.
CA-961,410 lbs.70 HP.104 in.40 in.60 in.8ft.
CA-1081,620 lbs.80 HP.116 in.40 in.72 in.9ft.
CA-1201,860 lbs.90 HP.128 in.40 in.72 in.10ft.
CA-1442,080 lbs.100 HP.152 in.40 in.72 in.12ft.

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